Chef Jessica

Big Grove Tavern 
I am Jessica Gorin. I am the Executive Chef at Big Grove Tavern, and I have been here for 3 years, since the restaurant opened up.

"Not only is the burger hand shaped in house with local meats, but we actually make all the buns in house, we make all the condiments that are on the burger in house,  from scratch, we hand cut our fries, so there is just a  lot of effort that goes into every dish. Everything is fresh and made from scratch. 


The process we go through when selecting ingredients is, first we think about what is available seasonally, then we start to look at what we can get from local purveyors,  so that means local farmers, local dairies, local ranchers. If we can get a product that is of the quality that we want to serve, for a price that meets the price we try and keep our menu to, then we use as close of a purveyor that we can. If for some reason we can't find something that is immediate local that meets our quality and price range, then we will start to look with in 100 miles. We try to stay domestic in our ingredients. 


There are a number of local farmers that we work with year round. We get about 80% of our protein from local farmers that are within 100 miles. We use a lot of pork and beef from Aaron Family Farm in Gibson City. We get most of our chickens from Jim and Diane Moore. We get a lot of our spring mix throughout the year and a lot of other produce from Blue Moon Farms in Urbana.


We have a really great staff of people and I know everyone in the kitchen works really hard to make sure everything is fresh and everything is made exactly how I want it to be made and there is just a lot of work, and care and love that goes into every dish" 

301 N. Neil St. Suite 400

Champaign, IL 61820


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